Stokley Williams is a super talented and critically acclaimed vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and all-round musician, who specialises in versatile and meticulously crafted vocal stylings. As the former front man of the seminal RnB group, Mint Condition, and now a solo artist, Stokley does not disappoint on his first solo album titled “Introducing Stokley”, which was released in 2016. Boasting a successful career spanning over three decades and several critically acclaimed albums with Mint Condition, this artist never misses a beat with his smooth vocals and versatile delivery. “Introducing Stokley” is rich full of evergreen romantic ballads harking back to the halcyon era of the soulful 70’s, as well as dynamic and funky uptempo jams that would light up any modern dancefloor.

More recently, 2021 brought us his eagerly awaited second album titled: “Sankofa”, which came on the heels of a relatively quiet period of activity due to the global Covid lockdown – a period during which Stokley was able to share part of the creative process of curating the album with a few privileged fans and friends via his Twitch TV online channel. There, his profile reads simply: “Drum beater, Vocal slinger & Sonic healer. Not DJin’ but MeJayin’ music from around the world and around the way. A place to chill, heal and virtual fellowship. Colorful sonic therapy for the everyday grind. All I love & wanna share. Welcome, Enjoy.”

His Twitch channel experience is truly one of virtual musical fellowship as described, and as experienced first hand during the global lockdown. “Sankofa” as the end result, further demonstrates his growth as an artist while featuring several impressive guest performers including the rapper Wale (Café), H.E.R. (Rush), Shakespeare! (Clouds), Snoop Dogg (Vibrant) and The Bonfyre (Cascade).

To sample some of that good musical experience and fellowship, you can find Stokley here: