Taking a brief musical trip down memory lane, “Love Sessions” is the 6-track Extended Player which was released to critical acclaim in 2005 by the gifted singer/songwriter Mr KUKU, on his own Ijebu-Soul Experience label imprint. The EP kicks off with the folksy acoustic guitar-led ‘Love’. The soft ballad ‘Sunrise in Bed’ follows and carries forward the love theme nicely and seamlessly. By the end of this song – and if I didn’t know any better – I would have assumed that KUKU was the twin brother of a very talented vocalist called Chris Ballin of Incognito fame – such is the similarity of their voices.

The other similarity worthy of mention is the same feel-good or ‘healing’ qualities both voices possess. In my opinion, music is only fully worth its place when it gives something to the listener, be it within the lyrics, the melody or the feel-good factor inherent in every listen. In his case, KUKU fulfills all of these requirements and then some.

With songs like ‘It’s Alright To Sing So Blue’ and ‘Call It Whatever’, the entire EP evokes images of peaceful and relaxing moments spent in the company of a loved one, with visions of endless possibilities in the expression of love. It is at times reminiscent of sun-bathed beaches and chilled out moments and you can almost hear the sounds of the water hitting the shore and bathing in its healing peacefulness.

The entire project flows in that nice effortless way that’s easy on the listener and yet holds his attention. In my opinion, the EP served as a fine percussor to the subsequent LP “Unexpected Pleasures”. So look out for it via iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and other usual outlets – as well as KUKU’s own Kuku Live website.

Mr KUKU is a tribal leader, the Balogun Dodondawa of Ijebu-Ode in Yorubaland. In the words of Vusi Mahlasela, ‘Kuku is an artist with a lot of insight and passion! Anyone listening to his music cannot escape a true blessing and the joy of being filled with absolutely positive messages through word, sound…music!’. His subsequent album was entitled “Soldier of Peace (Balogun Irorun)” and very soon followed on the heels of “Love Sessions”.

Now, watch this space for further musings on the organic sound that is the bedrock of this talented musician…